Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sometimes "same" is OK

Well the weather has been the same for 3 days, strong gusty winds, rain and little sunshine however today the forecast will change and it may be good for travel tomorrow. All new arrivals (by boat) were very glad to be in a protected bay for the night.

We rented an auto and traveled the length of the Beaver Island taking in the sights... the largest birch tree in Michigan and "big rock".

The mosquitoes are very glad to see us despite the rain as we walked along a trail . I think they live under the ferns and like Connie's red jacket... she believes this.

There is a well preserved light house on the south end of the island open to the top.

At the very southern point where the water was clam, in the lee of a small bay, we saw 11 white swans feeding in the shallows... these guys are big but far from the camera lens.

Thanks for coming along,

Tom & Connie

Cat's Away/Beaver Island, MI
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