Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rain and wind... plenty of both.

Yesterday we departed Sutton's Bay with following seas in the 1-3 range and they were very comfortable as a following sea. Well when we exited Grand Traverse bay the winds were form the South West the first 3 miles to Beaver Island trip were in an angry mess, the waves were trying to cancel each other! Finally it settled down to a beam (on the side) sea on our port and seas were 2-4 with the occasional surprise 5 footer.

We arrived at James Bay which is on the North East end of the island and have been at Beaver Island Marina and will stay at leas another 2 days as the winds are predicted to be 20-30mph from the SW.

Well Frank, the guy we purchased Cat's Away from, had been to the Abacos and Staniel Cay where they have pigs that swim out to the boat for food... well in Sutton's Bay they wouldn't think of swimming as I think they would sink to the bottom.

We were at the Beachcomber last night and learned a new way of drinking with your friends... I wonder if they all had the same beverages? The music was outstanding and a lively crowd begged them on and on. Connie and I don't often get out much and it was a nice change to be together and not have a schedule to meet the next day. No PD outside the tavern to greet us and we walked to the boat a little tipsy.

We will see what tomorrow brings and likely rent an auto to see the island as we will be here for another day op perhaps two.

Thanks for coming along with us,

Tom & Connie
Cat's Away/Beaver Island, MI

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