Friday, August 14, 2009

Lake Michigan Loop 2009

Although we have been planning, preparing and provisioning the boat for the trip we still feel somewhat unprepared for he adventure... I guess that is to be given as we do not know the conditions we will be exposed to in the next few weeks... it is natural.
The boat is ready and mechanical systems have been checked. The charting software and backup systems have been tested but I still feel there is more to do. Connie has provisioned the galley and of course we will be testing any local greasy spoons along the way.

We departed 1200 today and had some land waves and took a little water over the hood of the truck.

Stopped along the way and bought some veggies but the Sweet Cherries were all gone! Michigan is a beautiful state and the roads we traveled were busy with RV's despite the current enconmy. This area is so different from our home town suffering from the auto downturn. We have unloaded Cat's Away into a boat yard in Northport without problems and they have a great ramp for our rig.

I look forward to having you travel along with us as access to the internet, time and weather allow.

Tom & Connie
Cat's Away

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Amy said...

Hello Connie and Tom,
I enjoyed the good news that you are safely launched.
Plan to show the family the pics tomorrow.
I sure hope you don't have any trouble with the potential rain tonight.

Loved the wooden sculpture at the dock at Northpoint(?) .

Thinking of you both. Love,
Amy and company