Friday, August 28, 2009

Small things matter a LOT on a small boat

We don't know where the small bugs are from but the locals in Traverse City and Northport say they are Fruit Flies. They are everywhere and Connie is about beside herself driving me a little buggy. They seem to have hatches and blossom every few hours, it is more of an aesthetic problem... they don't bite or sting so what's the big deal Connie?

Well we departed Traverse City, what a great town, then traveled to North Manitou Island where we were greeted by the National Park Service members that were interested in our trip and boat. There was a very fowl odor from the harbor and I mentioned that it was not our holding tank... it was rotting matted vegetative matter.

Both invasive mussels are prodigious algae feeders, which produce clearer lake water and spur the growth of Cladophora, a lake plant that grows quickly, dies, washes to shore and rots on the shoreline.

Anchored in the harbor of South Manitou Island for the nigh. It was our first "on the hook" night of the trip. We had East winds of 5 MPH and quite calm conditions but it was a little difficult sleeping soundly... it is not like tied to a dock with resources available.

There is a lot to write about living as a0 couple on a small boat but you can imagine the adjustments for folks living separate lives with work, kids and our usual circle of friends. Is is going quite well and we both look forward to the next week aboard Cat's Away

Thanks for coming along.

Tom & Connie
Cat's Away/ Arcadia. MI

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Amy said...

Hello Tom,
We are enjoying your blog the Oscoda Beach Bums. It seems like you are multi - talented in your approach....web links, videos, pics. Thanks for making the effort to keep us updating and following along with you and Connie.

Tom and I have zoomed in on your location most evenings. We are able to get a quite good arial view of your boat.

Tom claims he's seen some "questionable" activity in the area..............teehe....

All is well in Cleveland Hts. 7 baths later, Maggie finally only smells a little bit like a skunk.
love, Amy and c0mpany