Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What now Connie... Swans?

Well that Cormy is a "fir piece" behind us. But Connie has now taken to swans and feeding them around the dinghy here in East Jordan, MI.

I apologize for the focus but I am usually out and about with my camera in the evenings as the light is fading. Sometimes I wish I had taken the tripod as I can't hold my breath long enough to compose and expose the photos.

We have strayed fom the plan and traveled down Lake Charlevoix to East Jordan on the East arm of Lake Charlevoix where they have some industry left in Michigan! We have left the trendy stores and restaurants of the vacationers for the spot where people still produce something like iron products.

The plant is huffing an puffing tonight as I write this entry into the blog and I fully exect that they have a graveyard shift. No matter as the boat is pretty quiet and despite being downwind I have not noticed soot on the deck yet. My recall of Cleveland, my home town, were that things in the steel manufacturing downwind areas were quite dirty and rusted.

I do not pretend to know this community but from appearances it is a place where families fish together on the local pier for perch or whatever bites.

You can go into the small town and order the "burger basket" with slaw and fries for five bucks and a draft beer for $1.25... a big change from the tourist areas we have visited.

The examples of what folks can do with money only astonishes us! A boat house for four vessels we are told with 17 bathrooms!

Just some photos from yesterday evening... you fill in the captions... life as I see it through the lens.

Thanks for traveling with us,

Tom & Connie Jo
Cat's Away/East Jordon, MI
Next destination Petoskey, MI

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