Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cormy is gone... Connie is sad.

Ah ha... we are finally rid of that critter! No sign in the sky but be prepared for another visit from him.

We are in Leland, MI for two days enjoying the Fish town and local sites.

This photo inserted especially for Randy S... the fishing must be great in these waters.

There are many Loopers here preparing for the trip south, through Chicago and on to Mobile, AL on their way to the Florida Keys. We WILL follow this migration in the future.

Thanks for traveling with us,

Tom & Connie
Cat's Away/Leland, MI

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Amy said...

Hey Connie and Tom,
Glad you are enjoying some nice weather. The photos look like the weather is gorgeous.
All is well in Cleveland. I am still hoping to get rid of my critter(s). Hope some of your luck finds it's way to Cleveland.
Amy and company